Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Bodyshop | Pink Grapefruit & Mango Products

I am a huge fan of the Bodyshop and love trying out their products. 

At the moment I have been using Pink Grapefruit shower gel and body puree. The Pink Grapefruit scent is extremely zesty and fresh, which is great for someone like me who likes fruity smells that aren't too sweet. Also I find the price of the shower gel very good value as this product lasts a good 2 months at least, which is amazing for £4! The body puree is a slightly higher price of £8 but again this last for 2 months or more. The body puree is a moisturiser and is very light as it has pink grapefruit seed oil in it. This makes it much lighter than some other moisturisers in the Bodyshop. I would definitely recommend these 2 products to someone who loves a zesty scent.

I have also been trying out one of the famous Bodyshop Body Butters. I have heard great things about many of the body butters and couldn't wait to try out one of them. I went for the Mango Body Butter as I love the Mango shower gel and body lotion. I would say though that the scent of the body butter is slightly different from the shower gel and body lotion. It's almost a fresher version of the scent. I can confirm that this product does work wonders and is especially nice after a long hot bath. I don't use this product everyday however, as it is a heavier moisturiser and find its best to use a couple of times a week. The lip butter was a freebie which I got when I bought these items and is absolutely lovely. As well as being a handy little thing to have in your coat pocket, it smells amazing I do just love the mango smell so much! Definitely would recommend these 2 beauties!

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