Thursday, 29 January 2015

Haircare | Naked

I have been using Naked haircare products for almost a year now. What attracted me to these products was that they were naturally made. I suffer from sensitive skin and that includes my scalp so I have to really watch what shampoo or conditioner I use. These products have worked amazingly for me.

The Mild Shampoo for sensitive scalps has especially helped with my sensitive scalp. I mainly worry about my scalps sensitivity in the winter as my skin drys out more often. Therefore, I highly recommend this shampoo for anyone who suffers from a sensitive scalp. It also smells lovely with a slightly floral scent to it.

The Curl Defining Conditioner is designed to help define curls and keep the frizz at bay. I have curly hair and always have trouble finding products which actually help calm my hair. This product works really well and smells amazing too as it is made from kelp and avocado oil. I find the combination of this shampoo and conditioner works well for my hair, especially in the winter.

Finally, the Gorgeous Curl Taming Cream is a product I apply to my hair just before I dry it. This product is also excellent at taming my curls. I highly recommend this to anyone with curly hair.

Overall, the Naked haircare products work very well for me and I would highly recommend trying them out. Links to these products are listed below.

Naked Care Mildness Unadorned Sensitive Shampoo £4.39

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