Thursday, 30 April 2015

Fashion | Payday Wishlist April

I have recently managed to land myself a lovely office job so I will finally be getting some money in on a regular basis. Therefore I cannot wait for my first payday there are so many things I wish to buy. I thought I'd share with you some of the fashion items I have in mind.

1. This a gorgeous vibrant statement necklace from Zara which I adore. As you know from a previous post I am very into this style of necklace at the moment. I think this one is very unique and will most definitely brighten up any outfit. It's £19.99 from Zara which is your standard price for a statement necklace of this quality with some lovely stones on it. I just love it!

2. This is a much less colourful item, more a practical one for you! It's a gorgeous leather bag ideal for a work bag, which is something I am on the hunt for at the moment. There are two zip compartments which is very handy as well as a longer strap to attach. I love it when bags can stand up on their own, I think there's nothing worse than when you're trying to pack a bag and it keeps falling over! Is that just me?! Anyway, I just think this is a beautiful practical bag. Also from Zara.

3. Another Zara item is this lovely shirt with a gorgeous bug print. I think this is also quite a unique item yet still quite subtle. It also goes well with the necklace. I love floaty fabrics for shirts, gives them a much more feminine look. This would be a great item for work as I think it would be very comfortable especially in the warmer months.

4. These are Skater shoes from Topshop, they are a great casual alternative to trainers. They are still some what smart depending on the outfit. I have always wanted a pair of these shoes as an alternative to my Nike Roche runs. I love the croc effect on the shoe, I think this is what makes them look smart/casual. 

5. Another Topshop pair of shoes are these Loafers. I absolutely love loafers with tassels on them, I think they are slightly nerdy but cool. Great shoes to wear to work, which go with most outfits. Probably best with trousers rather than skirts I'd say.

6. Yet another pair of Topshop shoes and yes another pair of Loafers with tassels. It's the colour which I love about these shoes, it's very unique. They would lift any outfit, and definitely a spring pair of shoes bringing back some colour! Yet they are still subtle.

7. Finally, a beautiful shoulder bag from H&M. I love the colour of this bag too again would lift any outfit. It's a great size and has a zip which for me is an essential! Although this bag is sold out on the H&M website so I am really hoping that they will get some more in soon! This bag is also quite smart so would be good for special occasions.

And that is everything which I am thinking about spending my payday money on! Let me know what you think and if there are any other items you are hoping to get yourself this payday!

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Makeup | My Classic Wing Liner Look

I thought I'd share with you my go to glam look, which I always turn to when I want to make that extra effort. I like to keep my make up looks as natural as I can as I don't like to stand out too much. Anyway, I will explain to you what products I use and how I like to use them.

First of all I like to put on my concealer, which I dot under my eyes, around my nose and on my chin. I put it in these areas to cover redness and under eye tiredness. I use Rimmel London's Wake Me Up Concealer in 001 Ivory.

Then I like to set that with my Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in Transparent.

You may be thinking what foundation I use, but I do not use any foundation as I find a bit of concealer buffed into the right places is all I need.

Next I like to do my cheeks and contouring. I first of all like to contour my cheeks with Barry M Natural Dazzle which is a matte bronzer. I work this into the hollows of my cheeks and I tend to pull my best fish face to get this in the right places! Then I like to put some blush on my cheeks and I use Soap&Glory's Blush at First Sight. This is a shimmery blusher so I can highlight at the same time. I apply this to the apples of my cheeks and then brush along the tops of my cheeks.

Once my face is done I then turn to my eyes. I start by using Maybeline's Colour 24hr Tattoo in Creamy Beige 98. This is a great base colour to use to give a little definition before working on the wing liner. I then use from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, Tease just in the crease to define it more. Now I begin to create my wing liner, by first taking an angled liner brush and using from the same eyeshadow palette Blackout to mark out the line I wish to create. This way if you make a mistake its easier to correct when you use powder. Once I'm happy I trace over the line with Maybeline's Superliner pen. To finalise the eyes I then pop No7's Intense Volume Mascara on.

For my eyebrows I use Soap&Glory's Archery Brow Pencil in Hot Chocolate, which I am loving at the moment! It's easy to define them with this pencil with as much or as little definition as you'd like. 

For my lips I use Soap&Glory's Sexy Motherpucker Gloss Stick in Nudist. This is a very natural shade which won't take away from the wing liner.

And thats it! My favourite look, I do keep it very simple and it works for me. I highly recommend all these products which you can find at Boots or Superdrug.

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What's your favourite make up look at the moment? Let me know in the comments.

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Jewellery | Statement Necklaces

At the moment I am obsessed with Statement Necklaces! I thought I'd share my favourites at Accessorize. I personally prefer silver to gold but saying that there are many beautiful gold necklace around. There are a range of different types of statement necklaces to choose from. I have only selected a small few which I love. 

Firstly we have a lovely tribal rope necklace with lovely blue beads this would be great with just a plain t-shirt to jazz your outfit up a bit. This one is a smaller statement necklace than you could choose but the colours are great.

Then there are the top necklace in the middle and on the right. These two are chunky ropes which I love. The plait rope especially would look great with a block colour dress or top. And the same with the red necklace. This one is a little more bohemian.

Then there's the necklace at the bottom left which is silver with small light blue beads. This one is also quite bohemian and would look great with a summer dress while on holiday, or for a evening out.

Lastly, is the big bright blue beaded necklace. This one I think is one of my favourites, its very bold and would transform any plain outfit. Again is quite a summery look, perfect when on holiday.

I am lovely transforming my outfits with a statement necklace and would recommend trying it out! I'll leave a link to the Accessorize website below, but you can find great statement necklaces in other shops too.

Accessorize, Statement Necklaces -

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fragrance | Giorgio Armani's Si

During my recent holiday to Vienna, Austria I decided I wanted to purchase a new perfume. I have always stuck with my Chanel but I decided I needed another option. I choose this perfume Si, by Giorgio Armani. I love this perfume so much the smell is incredible, it has notes of blackberries and mandarins. It then also has a hint of vanilla and freesias, so it's a great combination of smells. Its the perfect balance for me as I don't like a perfume which is solely floral or fruity, this one is a great mixture.

It's an extremely sophisticated smell but it is very soft, and not a sharp smell at all. I bought this perfume while in Europe because the exchange rate is so good I saved about £8 buying it there. It is a birthday present to myself as well!

I would recommend this as the perfect gift or just a treat to yourself!

Link to this below:

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Nails | Rimmel London Rita Ora Nail Polish

New nail polish purchase! I'm a little obsessed with buying new nail polishes at the moment, especially spring colours like this lovely lavender colour. This is a Rimmel London Nail Polish by Rita Ora in the shade 558 Go Wild-er-ness. I love this colour so much! And I have been looking for this colour for a while, a purple thats quite pale but cool blue-ish colour. I think its perfect for spring and really lifts any outfit with this on your nails.

This nail polish stays on so well and it didn't chip for four days for me, which is amazing! So the formula for these polish is well worth the money too. There are a few other shades in the Rita Ora collection which are lovely too but I was drawn to this in particular. I would highly recommend this polish!

Link for it below:

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Skincare | Bodyshop Haul

I went into Bodyshop to treat myself the other week and I thought I share with you what I got! I absolutely love Bodyshop product and thought I'd stock up and try out some new products.

The first of the three items I purchased was the Honeymania Shower Gel. I love their shower gels and I wanted to try out a new scent. I was drawn to this because I suffer from dry skin so I like to use nourishing products and honey is something which is good for dry skin. I love the smell too, its a lovely warming smell. Also, they have used fair trade honey in this product which is another plus.

The second item I picked up was the Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion. This smells amazing, slightly nutty scent to it. I know that argan oil in general is very nourishing to the skin too, which is why I was drawn to this one too. I love the other lotions I have tried so I'm fairly certain this will be a great body lotion to use.

And the final item I picked up is Papaya Body Butter. I love body butters at the moment and am enjoying trying a few out. The Bodyshop's Body Butters are very well reviewed as well. This scent was half price and I just had to pick it up! It's a lovely fruity scent great for the warmer months. I love using Body Butter after a nice long soak in the bath to top off my pampering session.

And that's everything I bought! I would highly recommend these products too and will do a full review of these items when I've used them for a few months to give you a true verdict.

Links to these items below:

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Skincare | Dirty Works Body & Foot Butter

I am loving the Dirty Works as a brand at the moment. I recently bought these two items to try out next.

The first of these two is Best Foot Forward Foot Butter, I have bought this in preparation for the summer when those sandals come back out the closet! This Foot Butter has a lovely coconut oil and shea butter in it, so it is very hydrating for your feet. I am really looking forward to moisturising my feet with this lovely foot butter.

The second item I purchased was the Supreme Cream Body Butter, I recently have discovered body butters and love trying out new ones! This one is enriched with shea butter and sweet almond oil, so it is a super nutty smell which I love in a moisturiser. I mainly use body butters after a lovely relaxing bubble bath to top off my pampering session! So I am really looking forward to trying this one out.

As I said at the beginning of this post I love many other Dirty Works product and they are a great price too. So am super excited to try these two out! I shall leave a link to these below.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Skincare | Sanctuary Spa Body Wash & Lotion

For christmas I was given a gift set with these two items in it. I have mainly been using them when I go travelling to see my lovely boyfriend. And they have been very useful for that.

The first item is the Sanctuary Spa Cleansing Burst Body Wash, this is a lovely body wash and has a strong scent. It's a very sophisticated scent. There are jojoba beads within it which burst while washing to release oils and cleanse your skin leaving you feeling very refreshed. It's a very luxurious body wash and I have thoroughly enjoyed using it. I only use a small amount at a time but that's all you need and this little bottle lasts about a month, which is very good for a travel size.

The second item is the Sanctuary Spa Silky Smooth Body Lotion, this also contains the lovely jojoba scent. I do love the scent of both of these, it's very sophisticated and grown up. This lotion is lovely to put on after your shower where you have used the body wash. They marry well together. It is a very rich moisturiser, so if you prefer light lotions this one isn't the one for you. But saying that this moisturiser is very nourishing to the skin, and does leave it feeling very silky smooth. You don't have to use too much of this one either so they both do last for about a month.

Overall, I would highly recommend these two items if you are looking for a luxurious set to use. Also does make a lovely present for someone. I will leave a link to these items below for you as always.

For the full size 250 ml bottles links below:
Sanctuary Spa Silky Smooth Body Lotion -
Sanctuary Spa Cleansing Burst Body Wash -

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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Skincare | Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy

I was given these hand creams for christmas and I have been loving them ever since then! They are so hydrating and a great treatment for you hands in the winter months. These are the perfect size to carry around in your hand bag too.

Now, the main thing which I love is the smell of these hand creams. It is so strong and beautiful to put on your hands. The two I have are Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed, and the other Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage. They both smell amazing, and the great thing about these creams is they are a great present to give. In Crabtree & Evelyn you can choose I think its three and put them in a gift box to give to someone. So, I would highly recommend giving these as a gift too. Also, when they have a sale they are a great bargain!

Overall these hand creams are amazing! I would recommend them to anyone, and I will leave a link for them below as usual.

Thanks for reading! :)

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