Thursday, 30 April 2015

Fashion | Payday Wishlist April

I have recently managed to land myself a lovely office job so I will finally be getting some money in on a regular basis. Therefore I cannot wait for my first payday there are so many things I wish to buy. I thought I'd share with you some of the fashion items I have in mind.

1. This a gorgeous vibrant statement necklace from Zara which I adore. As you know from a previous post I am very into this style of necklace at the moment. I think this one is very unique and will most definitely brighten up any outfit. It's £19.99 from Zara which is your standard price for a statement necklace of this quality with some lovely stones on it. I just love it!

2. This is a much less colourful item, more a practical one for you! It's a gorgeous leather bag ideal for a work bag, which is something I am on the hunt for at the moment. There are two zip compartments which is very handy as well as a longer strap to attach. I love it when bags can stand up on their own, I think there's nothing worse than when you're trying to pack a bag and it keeps falling over! Is that just me?! Anyway, I just think this is a beautiful practical bag. Also from Zara.

3. Another Zara item is this lovely shirt with a gorgeous bug print. I think this is also quite a unique item yet still quite subtle. It also goes well with the necklace. I love floaty fabrics for shirts, gives them a much more feminine look. This would be a great item for work as I think it would be very comfortable especially in the warmer months.

4. These are Skater shoes from Topshop, they are a great casual alternative to trainers. They are still some what smart depending on the outfit. I have always wanted a pair of these shoes as an alternative to my Nike Roche runs. I love the croc effect on the shoe, I think this is what makes them look smart/casual. 

5. Another Topshop pair of shoes are these Loafers. I absolutely love loafers with tassels on them, I think they are slightly nerdy but cool. Great shoes to wear to work, which go with most outfits. Probably best with trousers rather than skirts I'd say.

6. Yet another pair of Topshop shoes and yes another pair of Loafers with tassels. It's the colour which I love about these shoes, it's very unique. They would lift any outfit, and definitely a spring pair of shoes bringing back some colour! Yet they are still subtle.

7. Finally, a beautiful shoulder bag from H&M. I love the colour of this bag too again would lift any outfit. It's a great size and has a zip which for me is an essential! Although this bag is sold out on the H&M website so I am really hoping that they will get some more in soon! This bag is also quite smart so would be good for special occasions.

And that is everything which I am thinking about spending my payday money on! Let me know what you think and if there are any other items you are hoping to get yourself this payday!

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