Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fragrance | Giorgio Armani's Si

During my recent holiday to Vienna, Austria I decided I wanted to purchase a new perfume. I have always stuck with my Chanel but I decided I needed another option. I choose this perfume Si, by Giorgio Armani. I love this perfume so much the smell is incredible, it has notes of blackberries and mandarins. It then also has a hint of vanilla and freesias, so it's a great combination of smells. Its the perfect balance for me as I don't like a perfume which is solely floral or fruity, this one is a great mixture.

It's an extremely sophisticated smell but it is very soft, and not a sharp smell at all. I bought this perfume while in Europe because the exchange rate is so good I saved about £8 buying it there. It is a birthday present to myself as well!

I would recommend this as the perfect gift or just a treat to yourself!

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