Thursday, 23 April 2015

Jewellery | Statement Necklaces

At the moment I am obsessed with Statement Necklaces! I thought I'd share my favourites at Accessorize. I personally prefer silver to gold but saying that there are many beautiful gold necklace around. There are a range of different types of statement necklaces to choose from. I have only selected a small few which I love. 

Firstly we have a lovely tribal rope necklace with lovely blue beads this would be great with just a plain t-shirt to jazz your outfit up a bit. This one is a smaller statement necklace than you could choose but the colours are great.

Then there are the top necklace in the middle and on the right. These two are chunky ropes which I love. The plait rope especially would look great with a block colour dress or top. And the same with the red necklace. This one is a little more bohemian.

Then there's the necklace at the bottom left which is silver with small light blue beads. This one is also quite bohemian and would look great with a summer dress while on holiday, or for a evening out.

Lastly, is the big bright blue beaded necklace. This one I think is one of my favourites, its very bold and would transform any plain outfit. Again is quite a summery look, perfect when on holiday.

I am lovely transforming my outfits with a statement necklace and would recommend trying it out! I'll leave a link to the Accessorize website below, but you can find great statement necklaces in other shops too.

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