Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Skincare | Bodyshop Haul

I went into Bodyshop to treat myself the other week and I thought I share with you what I got! I absolutely love Bodyshop product and thought I'd stock up and try out some new products.

The first of the three items I purchased was the Honeymania Shower Gel. I love their shower gels and I wanted to try out a new scent. I was drawn to this because I suffer from dry skin so I like to use nourishing products and honey is something which is good for dry skin. I love the smell too, its a lovely warming smell. Also, they have used fair trade honey in this product which is another plus.

The second item I picked up was the Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion. This smells amazing, slightly nutty scent to it. I know that argan oil in general is very nourishing to the skin too, which is why I was drawn to this one too. I love the other lotions I have tried so I'm fairly certain this will be a great body lotion to use.

And the final item I picked up is Papaya Body Butter. I love body butters at the moment and am enjoying trying a few out. The Bodyshop's Body Butters are very well reviewed as well. This scent was half price and I just had to pick it up! It's a lovely fruity scent great for the warmer months. I love using Body Butter after a nice long soak in the bath to top off my pampering session.

And that's everything I bought! I would highly recommend these products too and will do a full review of these items when I've used them for a few months to give you a true verdict.

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