Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Fashion | Summer Bikinis 2015

I thought I'd write a blog post on my favourite styles of bikinis for this year. I have selected four, because when I was making my selection I realised I kept wanting to choose the same styles over and over so I thought this number and options gave a good variety.

As I mentioned in my last post I am going on holiday soon to Santorini in Greece so I am busy buying all my bits for that. And that's why I will be writing many summer related blog post at the moment.

1. This bikini is from Topshop and it is my absolute favourite as I have purchased this number! I think the print is beautiful and colourful with lovely floral illustrations. I also love the white background its a very up lifting colour combination ideal for a hot summer vacation. Click here for link.

2. The next bikini is from Accessorize/Monsoon and it is a strapless style. Normally the strapless style comes with attachable straps as an option. I think for tanning purposes this bikini is ideal as you won't get those annoying strap lines. The aztec print is very nice too and I especially like it in black and white. Click here for link.

3. This bikini is also from Accessorize/Monsoon and a plunge neck style. This is more a practical bikini great to actually swim in. This style suits anyone and is a classic bikini look. I love the stripe print, it suits the seaside! Click here for link.

4. And finally we have this blue bikini from Topshop. I do love printed bikinis but I think sometimes you need a block colour option as well. This is the same style as the other Topshop bikini, you can wear this style strapless as well I believe. Click here for link.

That's all my bikini favourites for this summer. Let me know what your favourite style is in the comments.

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