Thursday, 14 May 2015

Fashion | Summer Sandals 2015

I am going on holiday to Greece soon, so all I have been looking at in shops are summer essentials. One of the main things I've been looking at are sandals. There are so many kinds to choose from, I have narrowed my search to these five as my favourites. My selection has mainly been looking for delicate and pretty sandals opposed to the chunkier kind. This is just my personal preference at the moment.

1. These are gold shimmery sandals from Asos. I think this pair look comfortable and would go with shorts or dresses. I don't know why but I really like gold sandals at the moment. I think it's because they reflect the light, they are quite up lifting.

2. This pair are from Accessorize, they have a decorative beaded strap. This sandal is the Thong style, which I am really liking. I am not so sure if they would be comfortable to do a lot of walking in but for an evening meal these would be lovely.

3. This pair are my favourite they are from Topshop. I love them because they are so simple and with gold on them again. The delicate straps would look lovely with a maxi dress or skirt in particular.

4. This is another Thong style pair from Accessorize. I really like sandals with decorative stones on them, in particular blue stones. This pair would be idle to wear out in the evening to a lovely meal. I wouldn't wear these in the daytime for lots of walking.

5. Yet another Thong style from Accessorize, the decorative bead work is not as bold as the previous sandals. I think these are much more subtle but still very beautiful to wear. You possibly could wear this pair during the daytime too. They would look great with denim shorts.

And that's my current favourite pairs of sandals. There are many other styles on trend too but these are just my personal favourites.

What is your favourite style of sandals?

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