Sunday, 28 June 2015

Make Up | Holiday Make Up

I recently went on holiday day to Greece and thought I would share with you may go to make up look for the evenings while I was there. I didn't really bother with any make up during the day, which was lovely to let my skin breath in the sun. During the evening was when I tended to put some make up on for my evening meals.

I went for my usual make up essentials, I would put Rimmel's Wake Me up concealer in 001 Ivory under my eyes, round my nose and chin. Then I would contour lightly with Barry M Natural Dazzle Bronzer. Next I'd pop on my cheeks the Love at First Blush by Soap & Glory to add some shimmer. Then I would lock that in place with Rimmel's Stay Matte powder in Transparent.

For my eyes I used Maybeline Bronze on Bronze cream eyeshadow as a base. I then used Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze eyeshadow palette by Collection. The colours I used from this palette were Ochre all over the lid and then used Golden Brown in the crease of the lid. I defined my lash line with Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in Rich Brown and then smudged it in for a slightly smokey edge. I finished my eyes off with No7's Intense Volume mascara in black. On my eyebrows I have used Soap & Glory's Archery brow pencil.

Finally on my lips I used Soap & Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist. I'm afraid I have forgotten to include that in the photo above, but this is my favourite and most natural looking lipstick. It looks lovely with a tan too.

And that's my go to summer look! What's your favourite products to use during the summer?

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Holiday | Greece, Santorini

Hey guys, I have been away to Greece recently and thought I'd share with you some snaps from my holiday. My boyfriend, Will and I went to Santorini in Greece for a super sunny holiday.

Santorini is a beautiful place and we had great fun exploring the island. We went in the first week of June which I think is the best time to go, it was just as the summer season is beginning. I heard that it does became extremely busy during July, August and September.

Its the perfect place to go on holiday as a couple, there were so many other couples holidaying and the locals were so friendly.

We stayed in the beach resort Kamari, which wasn't far from the airport. In Kamari there are so many restaurants, cafes and bars you are spoilt for choice! We stayed at the El Mar Hotel, and were situated right on the beach from. It was a lovely place to stay and recommend staying at this hotel.

We went on the Volcano Tour in Santorini, where you go out on a boat to the Volcanic island to see the huge craters. Then we were taken over to the Hot Springs where we jumped off the boat to swim over to them, that was so amazing the water suddenly changes colour and temperature. After that we visited the sister island Thirassia, which is where this photo above was taken, the views were beautiful!

We also explored the island on a quad bike which we hired for a day. This really was the best day of the whole holiday, as we had complete control of where we were going and the views were beautiful. 

I had an amazing holiday and would highly recommend a trip to this beautiful greek island!

Where are you planning to go on holiday?

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Fashion | M&S Handbag

I have been looking for a small bag that will go with most outfits for formal occasions. I have a couple of formal events coming up soon and when I saw this bag I thought it was perfect for them.

Also I didn't want a black bag I wanted a light pastel or a white leather bag and this one ticked that box. It's not too small either and has quite a few little compartments inside. I wanted it to go with a pair of white chunky heeled sandals and I thought it would work perfectly together.

I think this bag is gorgeous and would recommend it, it's £35 from M&S which is a great price for a good quality bag.

I couldn't find a link to this exact bag so Click here for a link to the M&S's Bag section of their website.

I am super excited to wear this to the formal events I have in the summer!

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Make Up | Garnier 5sec Perfect Blur Primer

Make up primers are something I'm never too sure about, they have a funny texture and I don't think they always work. However recently thought I would try out this Garnier Primer, 5sec Perfect Blur Smoothing Perfecting Primer.

I have been using it everyday for the past few weeks, and it really does seem to make my make up stay in place for about 8 hours. To be honest I can't stand to wear make up for much longer than that anyway. I would say it is pretty good, I'm not sure about it perfecting my skin but it does make my make up blend in easily.

My main issue is that I get quite greasy eyelids throughout the day and they are slightly hooded as well so it means my eyeliner rubs off after a few hours. This primer is pretty good with holding make up in place on my eyes but then it seems to start to rub away after about 7 or 8 hours. But I think I need to find a specific eye primer for my eyes so I will be on the hunt for that in the future.

I would recommend trying it out, Click here for a link to this product.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Make Up | Maybelline's Color 24Hr Tattoo Eyeshadow

This is my absolute favourite cream eyeshadow, Maybelline Color 24 Hr Tattoo Gel - Cream Eyeshadow.

I recently purchased my third pot of this amazing cream eyeshadow. And I thought I really need to express on my blog how much I love these, I use them everyday either on their own or as a base colour.

The first colour I bought was 35 On and on Bronze, after hearing this being recommend by beauty blogger/youtuber Essie Button. I totally fell in love with this eyeshadow and I always use these as may base for any look. This is a shimmery golden brown, perfect for a natural shimmer look. These shadows do lasts quite a long time as well. I would say 24 hours is a definite exaggeration, but they last at least 8 hours.

The second colour I purchased was 98 Creamy Beige. This is a matte natural colour, and this one really is the perfect base for any look. And in my Classic Wingliner blog post I used this as my base shadow before applying black liquid liner. I would say this is definitely an essential in my make up bag.

The third is my most recent addition, 05 Eternal Gold. I choose this colour as I think it's a great summer colour to go with a lovely tan. I wanted a lighter colour than the other two and thought this was the one. I will create a shimmery gold look with this shadow in a future post.

Overall, I would most definitely recommend these eyeshadows, they are only £4.99 which I think is an excellent price for the quality they are. Click here for a link to this cream eyeshadow range.

Do you like this eyeshadow range, and if so what's your favourite colour?

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Skincare | Suncream Haul

I am going on holiday to Greece, Santorini soon... actually when this post goes live that's where I will be! Anyway I bought some suncream and aftersun for my holiday to protect my skin from the strong sun rays. I thought I'd share what I choose to take with me.

I was browsing in Boots where there is normally a 3 for 2 deal on sun care. For my body I bought Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Protective Oil with SPF 30. I thought this was a little different from cream and I think that oil will soak into my skin much nicer as I don't like to feel caked in cream. I haven't tried this before but I love Garnier skin products so I'm sure it will be good! Also this protective oil is water resistant and has shea butter in it which means it is very nourishing. Click here for a link to this product.

I also bought some After Sun by Garnier Ambre Solaire, this is just incase I do get sun burnt and need something to soothe my skin. Although I suspect it will be my boyfriend who will need this as he doesn't normally bother with suncream and then ends up looking like a lobster! Anyway I just thought I'd be safe by getting some After Sun. Click here for a link to this product.

Lastly, I bought a separate suncream for my face called Boots Soltan Once Face with SPF 30. This is meant to be a moisturising suncream for your face and is water resistant. You should use a suncream designed for your face on your face as I find just general suncream doesn't feel right on my face and my face ends up very shiny. So I thought this purchase would be a good idea. Click here for a link to this product.

Anyway that's the suncream I will be wearing on my holiday and throughout the summer!

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Haircare | Garnier Ultimate Blends

I have been trying a new shampoo and conditioner for a while now. I have heard great things about the Ultimate Blends range from Garnier. I already use the Coconut Oil on my hair which is amazing. So I thought I'd try out the shampoo and conditioner I choose to try out the The Marvellous Transformer with Argan and Camellia oils Shampoo. And the conditioner is The Silky Smoother with Vanilla Milk and Papaya.

I think these two are lovely and they do leave your hair feeling beautifully soft and shiny. I do suffer from a sensitive scalp and these two didn't seem to irritate my scalp at all. With that said though I only wash my hair two or three times a week as it's so thick I don't really get greasy hair very easily. If I washed my hair more frequently this range might irritate my scalp.

This shampoo smells amazing and I like that it is clear. My hairdresser has always told me not to get a shampoo unless it is transparent as the other thicker shampoos are not as good for your hair as they aren't as natural. I have always followed this rule when looking for shampoo.

The conditioner smells beautiful too it has a lovely sweet vanilla scent to it. I choose this conditioner as it is for long to mid length hair and protects from split ends.

I wouldn't say that these shampoo and conditioners work wonders, so I don't think I will be purchasing them again. But I would still say that the Coconut Oil from this range is amazing and is the main thing I repurchase from this range.

Click here for a link to this shampoo and Click here for a link to this conditioner.

What's your favourite shampoo and conditioner?

Thanks for reading!