Sunday, 14 June 2015

Fashion | M&S Handbag

I have been looking for a small bag that will go with most outfits for formal occasions. I have a couple of formal events coming up soon and when I saw this bag I thought it was perfect for them.

Also I didn't want a black bag I wanted a light pastel or a white leather bag and this one ticked that box. It's not too small either and has quite a few little compartments inside. I wanted it to go with a pair of white chunky heeled sandals and I thought it would work perfectly together.

I think this bag is gorgeous and would recommend it, it's £35 from M&S which is a great price for a good quality bag.

I couldn't find a link to this exact bag so Click here for a link to the M&S's Bag section of their website.

I am super excited to wear this to the formal events I have in the summer!

Thanks for reading :D

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