Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Make Up | Maybelline's Color 24Hr Tattoo Eyeshadow

This is my absolute favourite cream eyeshadow, Maybelline Color 24 Hr Tattoo Gel - Cream Eyeshadow.

I recently purchased my third pot of this amazing cream eyeshadow. And I thought I really need to express on my blog how much I love these, I use them everyday either on their own or as a base colour.

The first colour I bought was 35 On and on Bronze, after hearing this being recommend by beauty blogger/youtuber Essie Button. I totally fell in love with this eyeshadow and I always use these as may base for any look. This is a shimmery golden brown, perfect for a natural shimmer look. These shadows do lasts quite a long time as well. I would say 24 hours is a definite exaggeration, but they last at least 8 hours.

The second colour I purchased was 98 Creamy Beige. This is a matte natural colour, and this one really is the perfect base for any look. And in my Classic Wingliner blog post I used this as my base shadow before applying black liquid liner. I would say this is definitely an essential in my make up bag.

The third is my most recent addition, 05 Eternal Gold. I choose this colour as I think it's a great summer colour to go with a lovely tan. I wanted a lighter colour than the other two and thought this was the one. I will create a shimmery gold look with this shadow in a future post.

Overall, I would most definitely recommend these eyeshadows, they are only £4.99 which I think is an excellent price for the quality they are. Click here for a link to this cream eyeshadow range.

Do you like this eyeshadow range, and if so what's your favourite colour?

Thanks for reading!

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