Thursday, 4 June 2015

Skincare | Suncream Haul

I am going on holiday to Greece, Santorini soon... actually when this post goes live that's where I will be! Anyway I bought some suncream and aftersun for my holiday to protect my skin from the strong sun rays. I thought I'd share what I choose to take with me.

I was browsing in Boots where there is normally a 3 for 2 deal on sun care. For my body I bought Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Protective Oil with SPF 30. I thought this was a little different from cream and I think that oil will soak into my skin much nicer as I don't like to feel caked in cream. I haven't tried this before but I love Garnier skin products so I'm sure it will be good! Also this protective oil is water resistant and has shea butter in it which means it is very nourishing. Click here for a link to this product.

I also bought some After Sun by Garnier Ambre Solaire, this is just incase I do get sun burnt and need something to soothe my skin. Although I suspect it will be my boyfriend who will need this as he doesn't normally bother with suncream and then ends up looking like a lobster! Anyway I just thought I'd be safe by getting some After Sun. Click here for a link to this product.

Lastly, I bought a separate suncream for my face called Boots Soltan Once Face with SPF 30. This is meant to be a moisturising suncream for your face and is water resistant. You should use a suncream designed for your face on your face as I find just general suncream doesn't feel right on my face and my face ends up very shiny. So I thought this purchase would be a good idea. Click here for a link to this product.

Anyway that's the suncream I will be wearing on my holiday and throughout the summer!

Thanks for reading!

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