Sunday, 30 August 2015

Make Up | Kate Moss Rimmel London Nail Polish

Hey guys, I recently bought some new nail polish from the Salon Pro Kate Moss collection by Rimmel London. I already have one of her nail polishes as it was a freebie, and I was amazed at the quality of the polish. This nail polish lasts a very long time and doesn't chip easily. So I as you can imagine I wanted to purchase a few more colours.

The first of the two new shades I bought are from Kate's Nude collection which came out quite recently. I got the colour 127 Gentle Kiss. This is a yellow toned nude, it's very subtle and looks very neat on the nails. Again the formula is amazing I am wearing this colour as I type and have had it on my nails for 7 days and it has barely chipped. I would say that this is quite a dark nude, I would like a slightly lighter nude, a tad lighter than my own skin colour. But saying that I do love the way this looks. Click here for a link to the product.

The second shade I bought was this dark red, 124 Venus. I have been wearing a lot of pastels and nudes lately and felt like I needed a dark alternative. I love this it is a sort of blood red colour, a very sexy shade, and looks lovely on your toe nails. Also a great formula lasts atleast 5 days if not more. Click here for a link to the product.

I would highly recommend this formula of nail polish. These nail polishes are normally on special offer in Boots or Superdrug for buy one get one half price.

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fragrance | Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruitti Haul

Today I am going to talk about some Zoella Beauty products I purchased a few weeks ago. Now, I am a follower of Zoella and her beauty blog, and Youtube channels. I admire her advise and love to try out her beauty suggestions. When Zoe announced her latest collection Tutti Fruitti I was eager to try out some of her new products.

From Zoella's first products I had tried the Bath Fizzer bar and loved it. So when this collection was announced I was eager to try the Bath Fizzer bar which has much larger squares than the original collection. For me one square broken off at a time is great for my baths as I find that this doesn't dry out my skin. The smell is a beautiful warm and slightly fruity fragrance but I wouldn't say it's overly fruity as I imagined by the name. I love it, it has a grown up but slightly youthful scent. Click here for the link to this product.

The second product I choose to try was the Body Mist, Let's Spritz! This is a great alternative to an expensive perfume as the fragrance does last a very long time for a body mist. It's not my typical fragrance but it has grown on me the more I wear it. And I was getting a little bored of wearing the same fragrance so I thought this would bring in an alternative. I love it and it's a great price for a good quality product. Click here for the link to this product.

And the last thing I picked up from this collection was the small make up bag. I think the design is very cute and easy to clean. I also love the size, it is great to carry the few essentials like powder, concealer, lipstick, etc.. but you wouldn't be able to carry everything in this little case. I thought it would be great to have on holiday or a weekend away. Click here for the link to this product.

Overall I was very happy with what I tried out from Zoella's Tutti Fruitti collection and I love that they are priced at an affordable rate.

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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Make Up | Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick

Hi guys, I wanted to do another review for you on one of my latest purchases. Oops, another Soap&Glory product! I have mentioned my love for the gloss stick in the colour Nudist. I thought I would try another colour from the range and I bought, Raplumzel, which is a gorgeous Pink/Plum colour. This colour is more rich than the Nudist shade, and I love it. These gloss sticks are very sheer but you can build it up and they have a lovely shine.

Normally, I wouldn't oped for a lip gloss but I think this formula is the perfect mix between a lip stick and lip gloss. The colour is gorgeous and I found it was great to wear for special occasions or going out for dinner.

I would highly recommend the Soap&Glory Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks, and in particular the shades, Nudist and Raplumzel.

What's your favourite Soap&Glory product?

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Make Up | Soap&Glory's Archery 2in1 Brow Pencil

I recently purchased this new brow pencil by Soap&Glory and am amazed at how good it is. I mentioned in some of my old posts how I was on the hunt for a really good quality but affordable brow pencil.

I have two different brow pencils by Soap&Glory and I love them both. However, this product just tops it slightly because it is so quick and easy to use. It has an angled pencil end which is retractable. The angle is perfect for creating the perfect shape at the inner end of the brow. I then like to turn it on it's side to mark out the rest of the brow. I then finish the look by using the other end, which is a setting gel. When I first heard about the setting gels for brows, I was put off by the idea but since I have been using this brow pencil it's now a must when applying my brows.

The brow pencil only comes in two colours which I would say may be it's slight down fall, there is either brown or blonde. For me the brown colour is great but it might not be for everybody. The one other down fall is that the retractable pencil completely popped out once, so at the moment I have to be careful not to let it fall out again. I'm not sure if it was just mine but I wasn't too happy about that!

Despite that I still love it and can't stop using it, I believe it is similar to the Hourglass Sculpting pencil but a lot cheaper.

I would recommend giving this product a go, I haven't been able to find a link for it online, but I found mine in my local Boots store.

What's your favourite drugstore eyebrow product?

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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Make Up | No Make Up Look

Hey guys, today I wanted to talk through may go to quick and easy no make up look. This is the look I go for at the weekends when I do not feel like wearing a full on make up look and want to look as natural as possible.

I start off by applying moisturiser and I am absolutely loving Aloe Soothing Gel by The BodyShop. This creates the perfect base to then add a little concealer, Wake Me Up by Rimmel 001 Ivory, in the usual areas, under my eyes, round my nose and on my chin. Then I blend the concealer into place. Next I take my bronzer, Barry M Natural Dazzle , I apply some light contour and then everywhere where the sun would hit my face to give a natural glow. Once I have completed my face I like to powder using Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder in Tranparent.

I then move on to my eyebrows, and this product is a new find Soap&Glory's Archery 2in1 Brow. This brow pencil is amazing it has an angled retractable pencil tip which makes creating the right shape really easy. I find that the colour isn't too strong so is perfect for a natural look. On the other end is a setting gel, once I am happy with the shape I have created I then set it in place.

Next it's time for the eyes, I like to use Maybeline's Color Tattoo 24 hr creme eyeshadow, in the shade Creamy Beige. This is a lovely colour to quickly pop on and then blend into place with your finger. Then I finish off with some mascara, I used Rimmel's Wonder'full mascara in black. This is a new mascara I got recently and I love how well I can layer it on.

And last but not least I like to just pop on some lip balm, I normally use one by Nivea.

That's it, as easy as that. I love this look because I feel like my skin can still breath with this small amount of make up.

What are you favourite products to use on a lazy day?

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