Sunday, 13 September 2015

Haircare | John Frieda Sea Waves

Hey guys, I purchased another new haircare product recently, John Frieda Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray. I was finding that my hair wasn't curlying as much as I have grown it out quite a bit in the last year, so I felt like I needed something to encourage my hair to curl more. 

This spray is amazing, you use this product after washing your hair just before you blow dry it. I like to spray it all over and then to scrunch it as much as I can before drying my hair with a diffuser end on my hairdryer. This product really helps to create volume and creates natural curls. It does exactly what I hoped. This spray will dull your hair slightly but not a great deal.

It is amazing, I highly recommend trying this out if you are in need of some more texture to your hair.

Click Here for a link to this product.

Thanks for reading! :D

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