Sunday, 20 September 2015

Make Up | My Brow Product Collection

Hey guys, so a while ago I mentioned in a blog post that I wanted to try out some more brow products to work out what I found the easiest and looked the most natural. Since then I have developed a mini collection of different products I like to use. I will give you my verdict on each product.

The first item I purchased was from Maybelline, Satin Brow Pencil in colour Medium Brown. This pencil also comes with a shadow pen at the other end as well as the pencil. Now, I found that the shadow just wasn't for me, I don't like the applicator I feel it adds too much product and makes it look less natural. However, the pencil on the other end is amazing and used in the right way can look very natural. As long as you apply quick brief strokes along the brow it fills in the brows beautifully. Click Here for a link to this product.

The second product I bought was from one of my favourite make up brands Soap & Glory, Brow Archery pencil in Hot Chocolate. This comes with an eyebrow brush on the other end. I particularly like the colour of this pencil it is a nice cold brown shade and looks very natural yet defines well. You apply this similarly to the Maybelline pencil, and then brush throw to blend it across. The brush is particularly useful if you feel you have created a too harsh line along you brow, it will soften the look perfectly. Click Here for a link to this product.

Thirdly I bought another product from Soap & Glory this one is called Brow Archery 2 in 1 Sculpting Crayon and Setting Gel. This is my favourite out of the collection I have! It is amazing and quick to use. I have already reviewed this product. To see the full review please Click Here. I have absolutely fallen in love with this product it is in the shade Brown and Out. I particularly love the setting gel on the other end of this crayon, it finishes your brows beautifully and holds all day long. This is one of my everyday products, I would highly recommend this. Click Here for a link to this product.

Lastly, I decided to buy a brow palette from Rimmel London called Brow This Way in the shade Middle Brown. Now, after using pencils for some time trying to use this palette I found a little fiddly at first. This is also a much longer way to apply you brows but with patience it can look lovely. I tend to use the little brushes that come with it to apply to the wax half to the brow and then I like to use one of my own angled brushes to apply the shadow half. You do have to take your time with the wax and apply it very lightly, too much and it looks awful. This is a lovely product but it isn't the quickest to use. Click Here for the link to this product.

Overall I would recommend all these products and they are all reasonably priced.

Thanks for reading! :D

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