Sunday, 11 October 2015

Fashion | My Pick of Boots for this Autumn

Today I want to talk about my pick of footwear, specifically boots for this Autumn. I think boots are one of my favourite types of footwear, so this time of year I become very excited when I these beauties can be dug out of the wardrobe!

1. First up is this beautiful tan coloured pair of boots from H&M for £79.99. These boots are suede so definitely not a rainy day shoe, but a stylish pair of knee high boots to wear on a crisp day. I love them, its nice to have a couple of pairs of heeled boots in your boot collection.

2. Second are these lovely gelly style chelsea boots from ASOS called Gamble Wellies for £20. Number one they are a great price and two they are perfect for rainy days. They look nicer than the classic style of wellies. I also think they look a lot like Ted Baker shoes.

3. Next I have selected another pair from ASOS by London Rebel Chelsea Flats for £40. I like these boots because they are a petite style of the classic chelsea boots. They would be perfect for work or weekends, and black goes with everything. So all round a great pair of shoes.

4. Here are a lovely pair of Buckle Riding Boots from Marks & Spencers for £49.50. These are a casual style boot and would look great with jeans. Perfect for wintery or wet days, you can't go wrong with this style.

5. This pair of boots are a little different, I think I am becoming obsessed with patent shoes this year. These boots are from H&M called, Patent Ankle Boots £29.99, they are very stylish. Would be lovely for work and would go with most outfits. I think these boots would class up any outfits.

6. And lastly is a lovely beige pair of heeled chelsea boots. These boots are very different to the others, not an everyday boot. I love them, they would also class up any outfit. They are from ASOS by Daisy Street, Beige Chelsea Boot £34.99.

That was my pick of boots for this autumn, I hope this has given you some ideas.

Thanks for reading!

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