Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Fashion | Payday Wishlist October 2015

It's that time of the month again where I am pining for payday! I selected a few things I would like to buy after payday.

1. and 2. are phone cases from the same website, Skinny Dip London, I think these cases are so cute! I have selected these two which are my favourite, I particularly love the goggly eyes on the "angel cats" case. These cases are for the Iphone 5 or 5s. They are so fun and colourful, and at the moment I have a simple clear case for my Iphone and I would love to get one of these to brighten it up. The cat case is £15 and the heart macaroons are £12. Click here for the link.

3. I have selected this gorgeous comfy cardigan from Topshop for £45. As it is starting to get colder I love to snuggle up in a big comfy cardy, and if I nip out to the shops this is perfect at the moment rather than a coat. I love the colour of this cardigan its a terracotta orange shade, very autumnal, would look great with high knee boots. Click here for the link.

4. Next I really would like to purchase some high waited jeans, and the Super High Waisted Joni Jeans have been raved about in the past from Topshop. I think this pair of jeans will be a great staple for your wardrobe. They are £45, which is a standard price for a pair of jeans. I prefer this blue almost black colour of jeans rather than any other colour available. Click here for a link.

5. Finally I would love to buy a pair of slip on shoes from Topshop for £20. I would like a casual pair of shoes like this to wear instead of trainers. Something quick and easy to slip on my feet perfect for autumn. Click here for a link.

And thats my payday wishlist for this month, what are you hoping to purchase after payday?

Thanks for reading!

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