Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Skincare | Smoky Poppy, The Bodyshop

Today, I wanted to review the latest products I have bought and used from the Bodyshop. I recently purchased the Smoky Poppy Shower Gel and Body Lotion as they were in the sale. 

The smell of this collection is amazing, a beautiful floral scent with a hint of vanilla or cassis for a sweet edge. If you are not keen on the fruity scents from the Bodyshop this is a lovely alternative scent. I think this range was release for valentines day time and I would say it is a very romantic scent.

The body lotion is lovely to use everyday to keep your skin hydrated, I use it in the evenings before I go to bed. They last about a month and half to two if you use it everyday. The shower gel is lovely to use and you do not need to use too much at a time, so it lasts at least two to three months. I have sensitive skin and find that both these products do not affect it, so I would highly recommend if you have sensitive skin but want something that smells nice.

I love all the the Bodyshop shower gels and body lotions, I use them all the time and would recommend trying them out. The shower gels are priced at £4 and the body lotions are £8, which is very reasonable for quality products. I don't think the Smoky Poppy shower gel is available on the website but you can buy the body lotion and the body scrub. Click here for a link to the Smoky Poppy Collection from The Bodyshop.

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