Sunday, 8 November 2015

Beauty| The Bodyshop, Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea Review

    Hey guys, today I want to review a product which I have been loving. This is The Bodyshop's Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea, which are beautifully fragranced bath salts.

I mentioned this product in a haul back in the spring time. This is my second pot, as I really loved it and it creates a lovely spa feeling during my bath. The fragrance is amazing, it is exactly what you imagine to smell if you went to a spa. I find the fragrance very relaxing and calming, it is perfect to use after a long day. I particularly love to use it when I have had an intense work out and my muscles are in need of soothing. This is perfect.

The tea needs the container which you have to buy separately, but once you have it then you can reuse it for the next pot or even another bath salt. I only fill the tea holder half full and find that that is enough to fragrance my bath beautifully.

It is quite a large pot of bath salts and it lasts a very long time if its only used once or twice a week. It costs £12 for the pot and £5 for the tea holder, which is a great price and lasts a long time.

I would highly recommend this product, I love it and it never fails to create a relaxing bath.

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