Sunday, 1 November 2015

Beauty | Zoella Beauty Haul

Hey guys, I recently bought some more Zoella Beauty products. If you have read my previous Zoella Beauty haul you will know that I really love the products and wanted to buy some more! I decided to try out some products from the original range Zoella released.

First of all I choose to buy the body mist called Blissful Mistful, as I have the other body mist and really like them as an alternative to perfume. The original range has a very crisp clean scent, I think the main scent is aloe vera which I love. This body mist is priced at £8, which is reasonable it lasts for about half a day before you might need to reapply it.

The next item I bought was the Fizz Barr which I have already tried before. I like the Fizz Bar as you can choose how much you would like in your bath. And as I have mentioned before I suffer from sensitive skin and I don't like to use too much because it can dry my skin out. I think this is also £5 which is amazing, you would probably get 4 or 5 uses out of it depending on how many squares you use at a time.

And lastly, I decided to buy the Soap Opera Bath Soak and Shower Cream. This mainly because I like the scent and I am always in need to bubble bath! I wanted to try this with the Fizz Bar to get the full Zoella Beauty scent in my bath time. This was £5 as well which is very good for a bubble bath, I think it would last for at least a month or two.

That's everything I bought, and I am very excited to use these products!

Thanks for reading!

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