Sunday, 6 December 2015

Nails | Estee Lalonde Nail Art Kit, The Body Shop

I recently purchased this amazing Nail Art Kit by Estee Lalonde who collaborated with The Body Shop.

This is a gorgeous nail set with three lovely colours and a dotting pen to create your own nail art designs. This would make the perfect christmas gift for someone who loves painting their nails.

The kit comes with two different nail art ideas and steps to follow to create the designs. You can see my first attempt at one of them, now I know its not amazing but I plan to develop my nail art skills! I found it very easy to create the dots with the unique dotting tool. The tool has two ends, one end is large circular tip and the other is very small circular tip. This tool is extremely easy to create the dots. I have not tried any other designs yet but as the christmas season is here I may try out a snow flake design or two see how that goes! I think its an amazing tool as you can use this with all other nail polishes as well as the ones which come with the set.

I particularly love the pink and blue shades of the polishes. They are The Body Shop Colour Crush nail polishes. I have had the polish on for about a day and half now and it has hardly chipped. I did add a layer of top coat to protect my design. I would recommend the nail polish.

All in all this is an amazing set and would recommend getting it as a gift for someone for christmas. Click here for a link to the product.

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  1. I was quite interested in this when I heard about the collaboration! I love the purple-y colour.