Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Beauty | Zoella Beauty Draws

Photographs taken by me - Nicola Harrow

For christmas I was given this lovely set of Zoella Beauty products which came in a set of draws. I am a fan of her products and was absolutely delighted when I was given this gift. This set of draws comes with a lovely selection of her products.

I don't know if the draws are still on sale as I think they were limited edition but majority of the items you can buy individually. The scent is from her original range, very crisp and fresh - aloe vera is in it I think.

I'll start by describing each product in clockwise order in the collage below.

First, Flowers and Showers, a lovely floral edition of her shower gel. I love the size (500ml) of these bottles as they are great for travelling, but at the same time not a mini size.

Second, Soak Opera Bath Soak and Shower Cream (500ml), this product can be bought as a much bigger bottle and I have already bought this for myself in the past - its lovely! One I would recommend trying as it is a great all rounder, plus can be used as bubble bath or shower gel! I think I will be taking this on holiday as it is the perfect size for 2 weeks.

Thirdly, Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion (500ml), this is another product you can buy separately which I haven't tried and am very excited to. The scent is the original, very fresh and crisp.

Then we have two Fizz Bars, I think they both smell the same as they do not indicate otherwise. I have tried the other fizz bars before by Zoella Beauty and they are great to add a little something extra to your bath.

Next is Butter Me Up Body Butter (100ml), this is an exclusive to the draws. As a body butter it is a much richer moisturiser and I look forward to trying this. I will use it after a bath.

Lastly, there was two accessories with the set, a small shower lily, which is always useful to have! The other is a small cosmetic bag that says "too cute!". I have another cosmetic bag of this size and they are very useful to keep essentials in your handbag. 

Photographs taken by me - Nicola Harrow

I must also mention that the draws themselves are very useful to store makeup and other beauty products. I don't have space at the moment for it but I am keeping them to use in the future.

And that's everything thanks for reading! Did any of you get any Zoella Beauty products for christmas, and if so what is your favourite?

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