Sunday, 24 January 2016

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Its the new year and I'm off on holiday soon so it was time to get my act together fitness wise after slumping it a bit over christmas.

Before christmas, I was going on about two runs a week sometimes more and on average I run 2.5 miles locally to my house. I tend to do this after work around 5.30pm, and after sitting at a desk all day it really helps me to unwind and get some fresh air. And this is what I am back to at the moment.

I thought I would share my essentials for my workout baring in mind at the moment it is in the dark and cold!

First of all I love to wear my bright, vibrant leggings and sports bra from USA Pro. Very good brand and great value for money with their items. Sportswear can be quite expensive but USA Pro is great quality at a reasonable price.

Then I like to throw on a hoodie, normally oversized. This particular one in the photo is from New Look, I also have one from Next which I use a lot. Any hoodie will do really just something to throw on to keep me warm this time of year.

Next obviously is a decent pair of trainers, I have Nike Zoomair I think they are called, they really support the arch of my foot and have a lot of cushioning which keeps me going. I always go with Nike for a pair of great work out trainers. I would recommend investing in an awesome pair which are tailored to look after your feet.

Accessories wise I have an arm strap to hold my phone in so I can listen to running playlists as well as track my work out. I then have my headphones, phone and a torch to help me see where I'm going in the darkest parts of my route. I also have two LED motion sensitive lights on my shoes, mainly so others can see me in the dark. They are something I got for christmas and are very useful.

That's what I take and wear when running, what do you find are your fitness essentials?

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