Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Haircare | Kukui Oil Range, OGX

A little review for you guys today. On my recent holiday I went to two very hot and humid countries, Singapore and Thailand. I have thick curly hair and wanted to take haircare products with me to help my hair cope basically! I know nothing is going to work miracles and completely eliminate frizz, fly aways and general fluffiness.

I was pleasantly surprise by these products from OGX, Kukui Oil range, Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil Spray. I figured it would be best to use the whole range to really see the true results of these products. For sure it did really help with my hair on holiday. I still had some fluffiness issues but frizz was pretty much eliminated. I did need to apply the oil most evenings to give my ends a good conditioning. The shine as well was amazing on my hair from these items.

I have used a couple of the shampoo and conditioners from OGX, and I find them all great for my hair. I also suffer with a sensitive scalp and their products do not irritate me at all.

The price is more than other shampoo and conditioners by a few pounds but I think it is so worth the money. Every now and again they will be on special offer in Superdrug or Boots.

Overall, amazing product which does what it says on the bottle. I very much recommend this range from OGX.

Click here for a link to the OGX range at Boots.

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