Sunday, 13 March 2016

Make Up | Eyes Uncovered Nude Grey Palette, Collection

Today I wanted to review this little drugstore palette. This palette is from Collection and its called Eyes Uncovered Nude Grey Palette. I already have the bronze nude palette and the little mix one, which I love too. I think these palettes are extremely affordable at £3.99 and are sometimes on offer for less.

I bought this set as I wanted a cool set of natural shades to for everyday use. This palette does the job. I find the colours are extremely pigmented and you can create beautiful looks with this palette. You can keep it really simple or you can create a stunning glam look.

My two favourite shades are Under the Moon and In a Nutshell. I really like the selection of colours in this palette. The lightest shade Parchment and darkest Eclipse are the only matte shades in the palette, which is perfect one to highlight and one to define the lashes with. 

You can see how pigmented the shades come out on my hand. It is pretty amazing for £3.99! It's so in budget I love it. A great starter palette as well for anyone who is new to make up.

All in all I would highly recommend this product, thanks for reading!

Please leave comments of your favourite affordable eyeshadows palettes.

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