Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Make Up | InstaBlur Eye Primer, The Body Shop

As you all are aware I use the InstaBlur Face primer by The Body Shop. I decided to try out the eye primer as well, InstaBlur Eye. This an all-in-one formula, which says it is a tinted concealer and primer. I would say the concealer is very sheer and doesn't really cover veins on the eyelids.

I find that when I wear a cat eye, or bold liner look it smudges after a few hours. I wanted to see if this primer would help keep it in place. I find it doesn't work miracles but it does hold my eye make up in place for much longer than if I didn't use it. After around 8 hours it will start to smudge. I do have hooded lids I'm not sure if it would be different from someone without hooded lids.

I think I would like to try some other eye primers to see which is the best. I cannot say yet if I would repurchase this one.

And thats my verdict on this product. Can any of your suggest any affordable eye primers to try out?

Thanks for reading!

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