Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Nails | SuperGel, Rimmel London

I am so excited to talk about this nail polish it is unreal! 

I bought this new nail polish thinking it says its long lasting but is it? Really? Yes, I can tell you it is. Now I wouldn't say it last 14 days as it says without chipping, but I found it lasted at least 4-5 days without chipping. Even when it did start to chip it was only slightly.

The first colour I picked up was Cocktail Passion 032, this is a lovely coral red shade. Great for Spring and Summer! The magical part is the Super Gel top coat, this is what makes the polish last a long time!

After discovering this nail polish formula, I thought this is nothing compared to my other nail polish. I even wore a different nail polish after being so impressed with the Cocktail Passion shade and I thought I need to get some more colours!

So I bought 3 as there was a 3 for 2 deal at Superdrug. One of shades is what I am wearing as I am typing this, it is Bare Hug 013, a beautiful grey shade.

The other 2 colours I am yet to wear are New Romantic 021, which is a very light baby pink, also good for spring. And the last one is Blue Babe 052, also a spring colour.

Now I have a great little selection. If I fall even more in love with formula I may need to get a few more! If you want to see what the second two look like on my nails stay tuned to my instagram page where I will post pictures of them.

I recommend this nail polish so highly! It is AMAZING!

Thanks for reading!

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