Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Skincare | Gradual Tan Haul

Summer is approaching us and I wanted to try out some gradual tan items and see how I get on with them.

The first item is for my body, Derma Spa Summer Revived Gradual Tan by Dove. I bought the one targeted for fair to medium skin. I recently watched Anna Saccone-Joly's video on her tanning routine and she recommends this product. I will see how I get on I think I will only apply it once or twice a week. I will get back to you with a full review in a couple of months time.

The second item is for my face, Sun-kissed Moisture Cream by Simple. This is applied evenly to your face and neck once a day. The cream creates a natural light tan. I probably will not use this on a daily basis as I really only want a light colour on my face. Again I will review this in a couple of months and let you know how I found it.

I really look forward to testing both these items out and see how natural a glow they give.

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