Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Eyecare | Mavala Double-Lash Conditioner

Hey guys,

Today, I wanted to review this new product I have discovered. I knew these eyelash conditioners existed but most cost around £50, this one costs £12 from Boots a much cheaper option so I thought I'd see if it would make any difference.

It's by Mavala, Double-Lash Conditioner. You apply it to clean lashes every evening and it can also be applied to your brows if you wish. I do tend to apply to both every night. I have been using this product every night for about 3 weeks, I have shown a before and after picture below...


I think that looking at these two photos there is a definite difference. I definitely feel the condition of my lashes is much stronger and fuller but I wasn't sure if much difference has change in the length. However looking at the photos above they do look slightly longer not a huge charge in length though.

Overall, I do recommend giving this product ago definitely keeps your lashes in great condition.

Thanks for reading!

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