Sunday, 3 July 2016

Skincare | Honeymania Body Scrub

Hey guys,

I was recently gifted these two items and I thought I would give my review of them. This is the Honeymania, Body Scrub by The Body Shop and green Bath Gloves also from The Body Shop. I have been using this for couple of weeks now. I have found it especially helpful to look after my tan since coming home from my holiday.

It smells gorgeous but I love the Honeymania scent anyway so knew that would be a winner. I was also given some exfoliator gloves to use this product with. I have used it both with and without the gloves. Its great either way, but I was getting a lot of flaky skin on my elbows and the gloves work a treat with exfoliating it away.

I only use an exfoliator twice a week in the bath, normally when I want to put gradual tan on. It just helps revive the skin ready to apply my tan after having my bath. Its an excellent little routine I have and means I am maintaining my tan well!

Overall a great product, and I would highly recommend using it this time of year to keep up your tan.

Thanks for reading!

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